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Bird Dog Coolers - Outbound 20 - Review

Bird Dog Coolers - Outbound 20

Lets be honest. There are a mirad of high end coolers we can choose from such as Yeti, Pelican, RTIC, Orion, etc. As far as keeping your stuff cold, they are all about the same. They keep your ice in solid form for days. So what sets these cooler apart? Branding, durability, extra features, and price. Here is where Bird Dog Coolers comes in. First, what a cool brand name. Anyone who bird hunts needs to have a Bird Dog cooler. These coolers are extremely durable and more rugged than most of the competitors. In fact, the only cooler we could find that was built better was the Orion. But the Orion 25 comes with a price tag of over $200 more than the Outbound 20.

As far as comparable pricing goes, all of the Bird Dog models fall right in the middle. It's not as cheap as the RTIC but is well below the Orion and Yeti. Even though it is a few dollars more than the RTIC, the durability and extra features (see below) make the Bird Dog Cooler a better buy.

You can't really go wrong with a Bird Dog Cooler. It is built better than most and is well within the sweet spot for pricing. Plus, come on...it says Bird Dog Cooler right on the cooler!


Featuring lockplates that double as bottle openers, low profile Snap-Tite latches, Pressure Relief Valve for easy opening, and no mark rubber feet. Whether on the front of your skiff, the back your pickup, or next to your campfire, The Outbound Collection is your perfect outdoor companion.

What we like

  • Rugged
  • Bottle openers
  • Handle
  • Price ($159)
  • Branding...Bird Dog!

What we don't like

We don't really have anything bad to say about this cooler. It's well made yet beats the competion on either price or durability and extra features.

Pro Tips

Pack your food and drinks first and then the ice. Cold air moves down.

Avoid opening and closing your cooler as much as possible. Especially on warm days. This will keep the ice solid in the cooler longer.

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