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D.T. Systems Remote Bird Launcher Review

The D.T. Systems Remote Bird Launchers (BL 509 and BL 709) are exactly what you would expect from a remote bird launcher. Easy to load, easy to control, and it gets the birds up in the air.


Live bird launchers for Field training. The BL Series of Bird Launchers is the toughest, quietest, easiest loading, and dependable series of bird launcers available. The 500 series is for Quail sized birds, while the larger 700 series is made for Pheasants or Ducks.

  • Easy-Load Trap Door for safe and easy loading of birds
  • Trap Door allows loading of multiple birds and unloading of unused birds
  • Quiet-Release prevents “spooking” your dog
  • High quality nets/springs for effective launching and durability
  • Large scent holes - Up to 700 yard remote range
  • Remote Transmitter can control up to 16 different launchers
  • Add-On remote launchers are easy to program to transmitter
  • Beeper/Locator on remote receiver make them easy to find
  • BL 700 series good for duck/pheasant size birds
  • BL 500 series good for quail/pidgeon size birds

What we found

The BL series is a great tool for getting young dogs bird exposer while providing a controlled environment. The loading door and safety pin combo make it is easy to load birds without the risk of a faulty launch. Make sure you invest in the remote launcher instead of the manual. It provides full control from afar allowing you to setup your dog for success.

We do suggest that, unless you are going to specifically launch pheasants, you should go with the BL 509 series. The BL 709 is too much launcher for anything smaller. It becomes heavy to hall around the in the field. It's larger size also makes it difficult to hide in thin to moderate cover.

BL 709
BL 709 with iUpland sticker attached


Overall D.T. Systems BL Series bird launchers work well. They do exactly what they are intended to, launch birds. We recommend it for any amateur or professional dog trainer alike.

Position the bird head first and make sure you latch the loading gate. Don't rush it. We learned the hard way and had a bird escape before launch.

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