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SportDog FieldTrainer Review

The SportDog Field Trainer is the go-to collar for everyday use with our two German Shorthair Pointers. It's economical, simple to use, reliable, and effective.

FieldTrainer or SportHunter?

SportDog offers two product lines that can be used for training upland dogs. The FieldTrainer and the SportHunter. Both collars are similar in basic functionality and yet provide enough differences to pay attention too. Each of the collars has at least 7 stimulation levels in 2 or more stim ranges. They include both vibration and tone options. Provide expandability to multiple dogs. And all are waterproof down to 25 feet. The biggest differentiator between models is the expanded range. The most difficult part of buying the collar is making the right choice that fits the needs of you and your dog.

Here is a matrix that highlights the major differences between each model

Range Stim levels Expandable Price
FieldTrainer 425 500 yard range 7 with low/med ranges 3 Dogs $174.95
FieldTrainer 425S 500 yard range 7 with med/high ranges 3 Dogs $184.95
SportHunter 825 1/2 Mile 7 with low/med ranges 3 Dogs $204.95
SportHunter 1225 3/4 Mile 8 with low/mew/high ranges 3 Dogs $244.95
SportHunter 1825 1 Mile 8 with low/med/high ranges 6 Dogs $244.94

What we liked about the FieldTrainer and SportHunter

  • The variety of choices make it easy to find the collar right for you and your dog
  • Simple to get started and use. Great for day to day use.
  • Works all year long in all weather conditions
  • Water proof
  • Easy to find a price point that fits your budget
  • Tough and reliable
  • Stimulate, tone and vibrate features

What we thought could be better

  • The beep volume is rather low on the FieldTrainer models
  • For us, 3 collars in a row stopped working after two years. Stimulation was just no longer effective so we needed to purchase a replacement.

Our Recommendations

For training and field use, you can't go wrong with either model. We use the FieldTrainer with our dogs every day. That said, taking into account the value and the price points, we would recommend going with FieldTrainer 425 or the SportHunter 825. For most upland dogs the FieldTrainer 425S is too much collar. The only real value the SportHunter 1225 and 1825 brings is the additional range. If your dog is running that far out, an e-collar is not going to help you. Instead consider a GPS unit like the SportDog TEK Series or the Dogtra Pathfinder.

If you are looking for a collar that has audible tone, consider the UplandHunter 1875. It is the same collar as the SportHunter 1825, but includes an audible beeper that can be used for training and locating.

Pro Tips

It may be obvious but make sure you test the collar at the start of your training session using the tone feature. I can't count the number of times I have forgotten to turn the collar on and missed out on potential learning opportunities.

Make sure the collar is on snug (but not tight) and positioned at the base of the dogs skull. This location is much more effective than the lower part of the neck.

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