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Ruffed Grouse

One of the top states for Ruffed Grouse. Only Minnesota produces more birds.


Michigan is the number one producer of Woodcock in the United States.

Sharp-tailed Grouse

Sharp-tailed Grouse are limited to the Eastern side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Wild pheasants on public land is rare. Success is better on private property and game preserves.

Season Information

Ruffed Grouse Woodcock Sharp-tail Grouse Pheasant
Season Dates Sept 15 - Nov 14
Dec 1 - Jan 1
Sept 22 - Nov 5 Oct 10 - Oct 31 Zone 1 (partial): Oct 10 - 31
Zone 2, 3: Oct 20 - Nov 14
Zone 3 (partial): Dec 1 - Jan 1
Limits Zone 1 & 2
5 (daily)
10 (possession)

Zone 3
3 (daily)
6 (possession)
3 (daily)
9 (possession)
2 (daily)
4 (possession)
6 (season)
2 (daily)
4 (possession)

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Mi-HUNT Application

These maps and mapping application show approximate boundaries of lands open to public hunting. You will need to read, understand and accept the terms of use of these maps before you can access these maps.


Check out Michigan’s grouse enhanced management sites (GEMS) for premier bird hunting locations. GEMS are sites specifically managed for grouse and woodcock hunting. They are a great starting point for new hunters to the sport and

A Guide to Grouse and Woodcock Hunting in Michigan

Attention grouse and woodcock hunters! Planning your fall bird hunting trip? Maybe thinking about trying somewhere new or even testing out a hunting circuit? Then Pure Michigan GEMS are just for you!

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

TThe Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural and cultural resources for current and future generations.

Ruffed Grouse Society's Woodcock Migration Map

Welcome to the Ruffed Grouse Society's National American Woodcock Migration Mapping System. RGS started providing real-time tracking of the annual fall and spring American woodcock migrations in 2006 -- for the first time in history. ...

Michigan Hunting Access Program (HAP)

HAP provides access to quality private hunting lands with a focus in agricultural regions and disease management areas. Providing more hunting opportunity is critical for attracting new and retaining current hunters and supporting Michigan’s strong hunting tradition..